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HUMAN music – official album trailer

For its composition, composer and project initiator Helge Burggrabe was inspired by the 30 UN human rights and the Earth Charter The sixty-minute suite for orchestra and percussion comprises 13 pieces. In these, life values and longings that connect people of all generations and cultures on this earth "resound". HUMAN music provides the basis and inspiration for the HUMAN music, dance and education projects.

Conductors, orchestras and musicians are warmly invited to use the HUMAN score, for example, to set impressive accents for more humanity with a concert or a concert reading.

HUMAN dance

A special focus is on an interpretation of HUMAN music especially in community dance projects.

HUMAN education

In HUMAN educational projects, we inspire people to get involved for more humanity.

Questions and Answers

The HUMAN music can be purchased as a CD via the online store des Kulturbüros Helge Burggrabe erworben werden oder als CD und Vinyl beispielsweise über amazon. Schools, orchestras and theatres can obtain the CD at the special price of 12€/CD (plus postage). Request gladly here.
You can also find the HUMAN album at all known streaming providers: Spotify, Apple Music, amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz.
Music videos for individual pieces of the HUMAN Suite can be found auf unserem YouTube channel. In the HUMAN album trailer composer Helge Burggrabe and British conductor Duncan Ward outline their approaches to the composition.

The internationally active composer and artist Helge Burggrabe (*1973) initiated the HUMAN International Culture Project and composed HUMAN music for it, a 60-minute suite for orchestra and percussion. For him, HUMAN is "an urgent call to breathe new life into UN human rights 75 years after their declaration, using the means of expressive music, dance performance and creative human rights education, especially in today's world." You can find more about Helge Burggrabe here.

The HUMAN music focuses on 13 basic themes of human existence and follows a circle of life: it begins with birth, and in short pieces of music brings to life needs such as breath, hunger and thirst, as well as the life values of freedom, equality, brotherhood, love, home, protection and community. The music also expresses dimensions of the right to work, rest or creativity and the inevitable death. HUMAN thus addresses life values and longings that connect people of all generations, cultures, life circumstances and world views on this earth.
The conviction of Albert Schweitzer "I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live" characterizes the HUMAN vision and activities. Guiding principles are the UN Human Rights and the Earth Charter.

We are happy to provide the study score to interested conductors, orchestras and musicians. Just contact us here.

The sixty-minute suite for orchestra and percussion was recorded with the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, Canadian-Palestinian pianist John Kameel Farah, and Elbtonal Percussion under the direction of British conductor Duncan Ward.

Worldwide, the HUMAN CD was released by the Label Berlin Classics / Neue Meister on August 13, 2021.

Helge Burggrabe has outlined his thoughts on the 13 pieces of music. You can download the texts contained in the CD booklet in different languages here: Deutsch , English

The original line-up includes 41 musicians:

  • 8 violins 1
  • 6 violins 2
  • 4 viola
  • 3 violoncello
  • 2 double bass
  • 2 flutes
  • 1 oboe
  • 2 clarinets B
  • 2 horns F
  • 2 trumpets
  • 2 trombones
  • 1 bass tuba
  • 5 Percussion: marimba, taiko drum, vibraphone, bass drum, tam-tam, tubular bells, cymbals, timpani
  • 1 piano


A smaller line-up with 30 musicians is also possible. (13 strings, 11 winds, 5 percussion, 1 piano).

The HUMAN Community Dance premiere took place at the Theater Bremen on 28 and 29 August 2021. The choreography came from the team around Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt from DE LooPERS-dance2gether. here for the premiere film.

Another premiere took place on 24 September 2021 with 60 young people from Brussels-Molenbeek, also under the direction of Wilfried van Poppel, Amaya Lubeigt and their team (performance venue: Royal Flemish Theatre). You can find a short film with impressions here.

Ideas for interpreting HUMAN music in dance can be found in our "First Dance Impressions" film series, you can find it here.

You can find more movies on our YouTube channel.

You can find more answers in our Fragen und Antworten on the following topics HUMAN dance, HUMAN education and Donation. In addition, you are always welcome to contact us here .

Supporting HUMAN

HUMAN is supported by voluntary commitment and financed exclusively by donations.


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