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"Right now we need humanity more than ever, for encouragement, for empowerment, for emotional bonding."

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier about HUMAN

The HUMAN International Culture Project is a non-profit project financed by donations and is supported by the musica innova e.V. association.

The aim is to support as many projects and performances as possible that use music, dance and creativity to set an example for more humanity. Therefore, we are happy about small and big, one-time and regular donations, every amount is valuable.

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musica innova e.V.
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Verwendungszeck: HUMAN
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You can donate directly here on the website via instant bank transfer using our online form.

Do you still have questions? Then take a look at our Questions and Answers or contact us..

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Questions and Answers or contact us..

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Questions and Answers

Since the beginning, HUMAN has been financed exclusively by donations and supported by voluntary commitment.
In HUMAN project
Choreographers, teachers, students, conductors and musicians, for example, use HUMAN music with community dance to bring people together, regardless of dance experience, age, national, cultural or religious affiliation.
we create spaces for participation and social engagement based on UN human rights.
With your donation you enable us to continue to support as many projects
as possible. Together we can set an example for cohesion and humanity.

HUMAN is 100% donor-funded. The money therefore flows into all areas of the project, enables performances and supports further individual projects. In addition, we would like to raise the profile of the project.
Here is an overview of the areas we fund with the donations:

  • Realisation of events and performances
  • Support for school projects
  • Fees for artists
  • Support for educators
  • Creation of materials
  • PR and public relations work
  • Advertisement
  • Administration

If you would like to support our fundraising campaign in a public way, you will soon find a page at available. In the meantime, you can also register directly here on the website via our online form or by bank transfer to the account of our project executing agency:

musica innova e.V.
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
Purpose: HUMAN
IBAN: DE62 4306 0967 4010 7881 00


Donations addressed to HUMAN are managed by musica innova e.V. verwaltet, dem Träger des Projekts. Alle Spenden sind, in vollem Umfang, direkt dem HUMAN International Culture Project and will not be used for other purposes.

Donations are processed via our online form with the help of the donation organisation HelpDirect. On Our Betterplace donation page, which will be available soon, you can choose from several payment methods. In all cases, all personal data is transmitted 100% encrypted (with SSL/TLS encryption) and is therefore protected from misuse.

Yes, you can make a tax deduction for your donation. Up to an amount of 300 EUR, a bank statement and our tax number (St.-Nr.: 25/207/42857) are sufficient as proof for the tax office. If you donate more than 300 EUR, you will receive a donation receipt by email with your postal address, which you can use to claim your donation for tax purposes.

Yes, you will soon find this opportunity on our Betterplace donation page. The page is still under construction. There you will find an overview of individual projects or project areas for which we are currently collecting donations.

Our goal is to support as many projects as possible that bring people together through music, dance and creative expression and set an example for more humanity. Every amount can contribute to this, so we appreciate every donation, regardless of the amount.

No, the donation certificate that you can optionally create when donating via our website is simply an individual certificate for your donation. You can have it made out in your own name or in the name of another person.
You will receive a donation receipt if you provide us with your address for donations of 300 EUR or more. If the amount is smaller, a bank statement and our tax number will suffice as proof for the tax office (tax number: 25/207/42857).

If you would like to commit your time/skills for more humanity in our society, you can, for example, help us to make the project more known by sharing our Instagram or Facebook posts on your channels. We look forward to receiving further ideas. You can reach us here.

On our Betterplace-Spendenseite, die es demnächst geben, wird, you can choose between one-off, monthly and annual donations. Or you can set up a standing order to the account of musica innova e.V., the sponsor of the HUMAN International Culture Project.

The donations are administered by our supporting association musica innova e.V. If you have any further questions about donations, please contact Reinhold Bretall by mail, he is the managing director of musica innova e.V.

You can find more answers about HUMAN in our Fragen und Antworten on HUMAN music,
HUMAN dance, HUMAN Education.

For all further questions contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!


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